Armchair Margo

Margo Collection is inspired by the Fall in Portugal and the fascinating farewell of Summer.
The Margo collection designed by Nelson de Araújo has been inspired by the autumn in Portugal and a fascinating farewell to the summer. The autumn is the calmest season, the sun is lower in the sky, birds migrate to warmer places, natural greenery turns yellow, orange, red, and bronze, and warm shades take over the natural landscapes. The nature slowly prepares to colder days.


flexible stripes
SoftLayers™ system – a composition of specially selected flexible foams to ensure the best comfort
selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/possible replacement with antialergic filling

Beech wood

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Nelson de Araújo

He discovered his passion for the furniture industry during his stay in Italy within the Erasmus programme at the Universit degli Studi di Palermo.

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