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Furniture Nobonobo

Nobonobo is a Polish brand with headquarters in Łodygowice. From the onset the company concentrated on manufacturing high quality upholstered furniture, mainly sofas.
Our models are available in selected furniture stores throughout Poland. We are also constantly expanding our distribution to foreign markets.
Nobonobo furniture is created with attention to every, even the smallest detail.
Polish production
We pride ourselves on the fact that Nobonobo furniture is produced in Poland. All upholstered furniture is made in our factory in Łodygowice, and they are made by specialized craftsmen. Nobonobo sofas owe the highest quality and precision of workmanship to their unique, masterful skills. Taking care of the natural environment in production, we use wood from certified sources, and most of the components are sourced locally.
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Tomek Rygalik

Sofa Wadi

The independent quality mark for the best Polish implementations for the Wadi Sofas is a clear confirmation of its aesthetic and functional values. It is also proof that Nobonobo belongs to the group of innovative brands in the Polish design industry.