Lanube – relaxation designed for the body and senses.
The Lanube collection, inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds us, the change of seasons, days and moods, is a fresh vision of a modular sofa. Designed to create a space for relaxation, spending time together, sharing moments and living. Simple and soft forms, and at the same time ample modules, invite you to create endless compositions and immerse yourself in their extraordinary comfort. Lanube, refined to the touch, with delicate details perfectly integrated with the forms, creates additional functionalities, thanks to which the sofa can be integrated into almost any interior.


flexible stripes
SoftLayers™ system – a composition of specially selected flexible foams to ensure the best comfort

backrest pillows
selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/possible replacement with antialergic filling

oak wood, black color


Ewa Półtorak

He has always been passionate about creative work in the field of functional forms.

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