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The SAD wall hanger is designed by Ezio Pescatori. This unusual product changes the ideas of designing wall hangers.
The SAD wall hanger designed by Ezio Pescatori charms with its simple form. SAD is composed of two parts – a disk made from oak wood, and a metal part bent like a corner of a paper sheet, or a sticker that is flaking off. Single pieces may be freely combined with each other, to create different color and geometric arrangements. The designer has named it deceitfully SAD, despite the fact the hanger can become a merry element of the interior decor.

construction – oak, solid wood, powder coated metal

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Ezio Pescatori

A designer with over 20 years of experience. He lives and works in Lombardy, Italy. For many years he worked as a product development manager in international companies dealing in the production of home furniture, bathroom furniture, shower cubicles and decorative lighting.

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